‘Blitzin’ the Border’ Permablitz & Permabee Project

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We are very excited about our ‘Blitzin’ the Border’  project for members of the Co-op.

A ‘permablitz’ is basically an organic back or front yard / verge / small space garden makeover where members and volunteers come together to install edible gardens, share knowledge, skills, ideas, FOOOOD and have FUN!

We have a qualified permaculture designer who will work with you and assist in designing your perma-blitz a few weeks in advance.  This includes resources required, who is responsible for what and safety on site then we make a detailed plan for the day of the ‘permablitz / permabee itself.  A pre-blitz planning session is then held with the team so everyone is familiar with the design and understands what their role is.

No skills required – it is a ‘learn as we go’ project.  Members will need to participate in TWO permablitzes / permabees prior to having their own.  At the end of the day everyone comes together and then the party begins.  Join in the FUN!

Permabees (Working Bees) are also part of this project and can be included in the ‘permablitz.  The same planning process applies.  If the project is ‘large scale’ it may be scheduled over two weekends.

Workshops on composting, wicking beds and seasonal planting will be scheduled along the way.  Don’t miss out!

Please fill out the form below if you would like to be involved in this fantastic project as a recipient and / or participant.

‘Blitzin’ the Border’ SIGN UP Form


Thank you for signing up.   We will add you to our ‘Blitzin’ the Border’ email list and contact you very soon.



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